A Review of Keurig K15 Compact Coffee Maker

Coffee makers are among the essential household items that make life so much fun especially when the cup of coffee makes it easier for you get through life. Therefore, when choosing a coffee maker you need to know it’s purpose, convenience and efficiency.

The Keurig K15 Compact Coffee Maker is a single serve coffee maker that is perfect for an outdoorsy person or an outdoor event such as use of vacation rentals and more so, if you love being on the road. It’s mostly cut out for travelers and its features may only verify that. All the same, anyone will fall in love the model right from its size to its features.


Cup size options: Since it’s a single serve machine it holds a wide range of cup sizes to meet your current coffee needs. It holds up to a 10oz cup size meaning you can still drink as much coffee as you want considering it can only serve a single cup of coffee at any one time for almost any cup size.

Water tank: It’s the type of coffee maker that needs to be really light if you have to carry it around or it has no water tank. All you need to do is to measure the amount of water you need for the amount of coffee you will be needing at the time. So if you want drink from a 10oz cup you will need to add the amount of water that will brew and fill it up.

Removable drip tray: The feature makes it easier to wash the drip tray and it also gives room to put a larger cup under its spout. So you won’t have to feel so bad if
you needed to have an extra 8oz cup for a friend.

Hot water option: There are often two types of coffee the espresso and the Americano. The espresso works best with hot water option but if you need the Americano you will just need not to put the hot water option on.

Automated Power Off: If you have a difficult time remembering to switch off your coffee maker then this would be best one to have in your house or car. The machine has an automated power off and if after 90 seconds the machine is not in use it will switch its power off. So you don’t have to worry about saving for energy


– It has a good lifetime and its of high quality owing to its brand name
– It has a good variety of drink options or 250 drink options from top five brands
– You don’t have to use Keurig capsules because it gives you the option of using your own ground coffee
– It’s a small size coffee maker making it a perfect appliance for small kitchens or for traveling
– It is a price for the value item.


– Doesn’t have a water tank which would have made it easier to make more cups of coffee at any one time
– It uses 2 minutes to brew a cup of coffee
– Apart from your grounded coffee; you can only use Keurig brand Capsules

In other words, the Keurig K15 Compact Coffee Maker is a good buy depending on how reasons for buying it. So if you are looking for a cheaper coffee maker but with more capacity to brew up to 12 cups of coffee then this may not your brand. However, if you are only the two of you or just you in the house, then the coffee maker is the brand to have. It will be worth it.

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